Syndicatë is RECRUITING

Whether you have arrived at our page from our posts on various WoW fansites, or from our in-game recruitment ad, you are in the right place!

Syndicatë is looking for exceptional players to help strengthen our core roster for Mythic Nighthold and beyond.  We are currently 10/10H and have pugged up to 3/10M.  Our Mythic progression team is looking for DPS as well as 1 flex DPS/heal.  In addition, we are expanding our roster across the board for both H and N groups which we run weekly.  For these groups, we are open to recruit all players interested and will sort to different groups based on performance and experience.

If you are still on the fence about raiding, we have multiple Mythic/Mythic+ as well as combined N/H-NH groups that is always recruiting.

As always, please feel free to apply regardless of our needs as we are always looking to add exceptional players to our ranks.

We are also looking to add more members to our M+ farm/carry/sell groups as well as N/H-NH carry/sell groups.


Currently recruiting for Mythic Progression team:

R-DPS – 2-3  (2 spots open) – warlocks, spriest, hunter needed

m-DPS – 2-3  (2 spots open) – WW-monk, retPala, frostDK needed

Healer – 1-2  (1 Flex* spot open) – rSham/eleSham needed *flex being able to comfortably and effectively DPS.

Raid-times:  Tuesday/Wednesday 8:00EST-11:00EST

Requirements: 870+ to apply, 885+ for H farm, 895+ for Progression-team raiding consideration criteria (no exceptions for trials)


Head over to our Guild Rules page to familiarize yourself with what we expect and are offering in return.

If you like what you see, Submit Your Application today!

Best of luck in your adventures, friend!

M-Xhul down! 11/13 now!

We’ve had some bumps in the road recently but we’re right back on track!  Congratulations and thanks to everyone for sticking it through ALL of the hard times!  Off to Mannoroth!



Mythic Tyrant DOWN!!

Tyrant put up quite the fight, but we came together and got business done. Congratulations to everyone for putting in the work to get this one out of the way. 10/13M!!

Guild First Mythic Tyrant

Guild First Mythic Tyrant

Mythic Fel Lord DOWN

Congrats on the guild first Mythic Fel Lord kill! It took a bit longer than expected, but glad to have this one behind us!

Guild First Mythic Fel Lord

Guild First Mythic Fel Lord

Mythic Iskar DOWN

Congrats on the guild first Mythic Iskar kill!

Guild First Mythic Iskar

Guild First Mythic Iskar